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J: Hello, I'm Jody! Welcome to American Cafe!

Y: 大家好!我是杨晨,欢迎到美语咖啡屋!我们今天要来到了街对面的那家咖啡馆。我们今天要采访Jason他是这家咖啡馆的一个雇员。我们先谈谈咖啡文化对美国人来说意味着什么。

J: Now we're here with Jason who works at a cafe. And we're to talk to him about what he sees in the Cafe culture in America.

实录1: Jason: My name is Jason and we are in Rockville, Maryland, which is a suburb of Washington, D.C. - the nation's capital actually.

Jody: So, Jason, what do you see people doing when they come into this cafe?

实录2: Jason: There are all sorts of things. We have people that just come in get a cup of coffee and go. We have people that, that linger and talk. Some that read and do crossword puzzles, read books. It's really a wide, wide ... portrait of the community. It's all different kinds of people really. But it gives people vibrancy, friendship, and community. It's a local outreach. It's many many different things to many people.

Y: 就是,我觉得很多人来咖啡馆不仅是来喝咖啡。有的是来跟人聊天儿,还有的人坐在那儿看书,看报纸。其实他们是绝对要享受咖啡馆的气氛。

J: The atmosphere is so important. It's just a great place to hang out. Jason explains that he's only worked here for two months after leaving a high-stress consulting job. Let's hear about the reason why he chose to work at a cafe over a high paying, high stress job.

Y: 对,他原来在一家咨询公司工作。工资很高,但是他也说工作是 "high stress" - 就是压力非常大。那么我们就听听在咖啡馆工作有什么享受。

实录3: Jason: You know, I've actually only worked here about two and a half months. And for about 15 years I worked in a very high stress consulting environment. And decided to make a change to specifically come into a cafe atmosphere. You know, while I don't make as much money as I once did, my quality of life and happiness level have certainly increased exponentially.

Y: 我得问问Jason是不是有的人常常到这个咖啡馆来,叫他们是 "regular customer."

J: "Regulars" are people who come everyday or sometimes many times a day. Again, here's Jason.

实录4: Jason: Oh, ab...absolutely! One of the joys of working here is getting to know people. And we have people that come in daily and sometimes multiple times a day. So, it's very fun. It's more than a place to come and get a drink and a muffin. It really is community-oriented in many ways and...and person-oriented. It's more personable than a normal commerce situation.

Y: 我想一定有很多人,特别是在周围工作的人,他们常到这个咖啡馆来。一个是方便,再一个这里给他们一种亲切的感觉。那么这些顾客我们叫他们是regulars。

J: It's a great feeling to become a regular at a place, especially a coffee shop, because the people who work there know your name and they know what you like. And it's easy to become friends.

Y: 对他刚才说有的人一天来好几次。我想这些人一天来好几次,那他们的目的恐怕不光是为了一杯咖啡,可能是想来跟Jason聊聊天儿。

J: And community which is something Jason also talked about - having a place to go where people know your name. That's a great feeling. Now, let's here again from Jason

实录5: Jason: I think it's very important because there's something about a hot cup of coffee, or even a cold one, but especially a hot coffee or hot tea that ... that brings people to just slow down maybe for a few minutes during the day and sit down without guilt and be able to just relax and read the paper or talk to a friend or even a stranger.

Y: 到一个咖啡馆有一种让人轻松的气氛就是Jason刚才谈一谈到- "slow you down." 那到咖啡馆坐一会儿喝一杯自己喜欢的咖啡是一件很惬意的事。

J: Cafes are just a great place to start your day, to come in the middle of your day or to end your day. You can hang out with friends, relax, read a book ... they're just great places.

Y: 没错,这个咖啡馆你可以早上来,你可以午休的时候来,也可以在下午下了班以后回家之前在来,任何时间来都会让你放松。你喝一杯又香又浓咖啡和你的朋友在咖啡馆聊天儿,看一本书,读一读报纸,非常的享受。

J: If you have a cafe, you have community and you a place where you can slow down.

Y: 对,生活是很紧张的。那么这个咖啡馆是一个让你放松的地方。

J: Well, that's it for American Cafe. Thank you so much for visiting our American Cafe.

Y: 谢谢大家收听我们的美语咖啡屋。希望我们有一天能在咖啡馆碰见你!

J: Hope to see you next time at American Cafe.

瑞士咖啡 咖啡文化:

What is coffee? Coffee is the seed of a cherry from a tree, which grows from sea level to approximately 6,000 feet, in a narrow subtropical belt around the world.

Coffee trees are an evergreen and grow to heights of 20 feet. To simplify harvesting, the trees are pruned to 8 to 10 feet.

Coffee cherries ripen at different times, so they are predominantly picked by hand. It takes approximately 2,000 Arabica cherries to produce just one pound of roasted coffee. Since each cherry contains two beans, your one pound of coffee is derived from 4,000 coffee beans.

The average coffee tree only produces one to two pounds of roasted coffee per year, and takes four to five years to produce its first crop.

The coffee plant first produces delicate clusters of white blossoms, resembling jasmine in shape and scent. These blossoms last only a few days. Small green coffee cherries then begin to appear and ripen to yellow... red... and finally almost black, within six to nine months.

Once the coffee cherries are picked, they are transported for processing. The fruit is then removed from the seed by one of two methods. The natural or dry process, where the cherries are dried in the sun or in dryers, and the fruit is then separated from the bean by processing them through a mechanical husker. Or, by a superior soaking method know as the wet process, which produces beans which are referred to as washed coffees.

The green beans are then dried, sized, sorted, graded and selected, usually all by hand. The beans are then bagged and are ready for shipment to local roasters around the world. Few products we use require so much in terms of human effort.

The two commercially significant species of coffee beans are: coffea arabica, and coffea robusta.

Arabica beans grow best at altitudes over 3,000 feet. This species produces superior quality coffees, which possess the greatest flavor and aromatic characteristics. They typically contain half the caffeine of the robusta beans. Arabica production represents 80% of the world's coffee trade, however, only 10% of this meets speciality coffee standards.

Robusta beans are usually grown at lower elevations. Robusta trees are easier to grow, produce higher yields, and are more disease resistant than the arabica species. Robusta beans usually possess a woody, astringent flavor. They are used when a lower price or additional caffeine is desired. A small percentage is typically added to many Italian espresso blends for the additional crema and complexity they contribute.

In addition to the species of the coffee, many other factors contribute to the overall quality of the green beans. Seed stock, plantation location, soil composition, altitude, weather conditions, fertilization, cultivation, harvesting, and processing methods, will all have a dramatic influence on the finished product
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